“A masterpiece.”

“. . . the most thought-provoking book I have ever read.”


“This little treasure is incomparable!”

“. . . more inspired than anything I’ve ever read or heard of.”

“It is very daring . . . right on target for the third millennium.”

“You are in the company of Tom Paine.”

“…the simplest, most concise, most perfect definition
of Democracy I ever heard or read.”

“Simonetta has been able to see through all the garbage
of the centuries like a laser beam.”

“. . . may be the most profound read since the holy books of yore.”

“You have given me back my life.”

“. . . a revolutionary book, a sense-making body of thought
for the next reality.”

“Your book was the most rewarding reading of my life.”

“A thousand-page book in a hundred pages.”

“An exquisite read. A gem.”

“The Formula. The Answer. The Way. Really remarkable.”

“You have helped me to see the purpose of life.”

“. . .  It should be an Oprah book. It’s a winner.”

“. . . marvelous, succinct, right on target, the right message
at the right time.”

“This is it!”

“This short and brilliant book is a wake-up call.”

“You are truly astounding the world with the simple truth”

“It’s a brilliant book, it is just plain common sense.”

“. . . simple and powerful.”

“. . . your book gives us an inspiring blueprint to live by.”

“. . . you have really figured it out.”  . . .

“. . . so profound a matter in such a brief and clear manner.”

“… elegant, lean and clear writing.”




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